Skate Reflections Skating Center is very excited to announce our new and unique education based field trips. Our program, "Roll With Motion" is a one of kind experience that will focus on education and fun for your students. The staff at Skate reflections will be facilitating this field trip so the teacher can be part of the fun as well. All education based trips are taught by a certified teacher as well as a certified roller-skating coach!


As schools face greater accountability and curriculum plans that are based on the Sunshine State Standards, we understand that for some of you, field trips for recreation may be a thing of the past. That's why our new education director has worked diligently to combine science standards and the fun and fitness of roller-skating to create our new program. In our "Roll With Motion" program, students will be actively engaged in science exploration and inquiry. Our program is based on grade level expectations taken directly from the standards and benchmarks from the state of Florida. Students will learn how forces and motion relate directly to skating and other activities. This program is one way to provide students with the connections they so desperately look for in the real world to answer the question, "Why do I need to know this?"


In our program, students will be actively engaged in a variety of hands on explorations at several mini-lab stations. This program is an exciting and engaging way to reintroduce students to motion and energy while making a great addition to your existing challenging curriculum.


Our program is designed for two different age groups, K-2 and 3-5. Both programs have pre-activities, hands on lab stations during the trip and post activities. The trips are designed so that the teacher may have as much participation as they would like. All programs are taught by a Florida Certified Teacher and USARS Certified Roller Coach. The students will be learning based on the Sunshine State Standards dealing with motion and gravity, as well as typical safety regulations for skating to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience!


Science Standards Addressed in our Program:


K-2: SC.K.P.10.1; SC.K.P.12.1; SC.K.P.13.1; SC.K.E.5.1; SC.K.P.8.1; SC.1.P.12.1; SC.1.P.13.1; SC.1.E.5.2; SC.1.P.8.1; SC.2.P.13.1; SC.2.P.13.3; SC.2.P.13.4; SC.2.P.8.1; SC.2.P.9.1


3-5: SC.3.P.10.2; SC.3.N.3.2; SC.3.E.5.4; SC.3.P.8.3; SC.4.N.1.5; SC.4.N.1.6; SC.4.N.1.7; SC.4.P.10.2; SC.4.P.12.1; SC.4.P.12.2; SC.4.P.8.1; SC.5.P.10.2; SC.5.P.13.1; ; SC.5.P.13.2; ; SC.5.P.13.3; ; SC.5.P.13.4; ; SC.5.N.2.1; SC.5.P.9.1


Physical Education Standards Addressed in our Program:


K-2: PE.K.M.1; PE.K.C.1; PE.K.R.1; PE.K.R.2; PE.1.M.1; PE.1.C.1; PE.1.R.1; PE.1.R 2; PE.2.M.1; PE.2.C.1; PE.2.R.1; PE.2.R.2


3-5: PE.3.M.1; PE.3.C.1; PE.3.R.1; PE.3.R.2; PE.4.M.1; PE.4.C.1; PE.4.R.1; PE.4.R 2; PE.5.M.1; PE.5.C.1; PE.5.R.1; PE.5.R.2